Director PCDDP, North-West University, South Africa

Anne is a South African citizen with a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics (North-West University; NWU) and an M.Sc. in Medical Biochemistry (Stellenbosch University). Her research interests are the design, construction and optimization of nano-medicinces and bio-agricultural delivery systems, as well as the preclinical and clinical evaluation of such systems. In the course of her career, she has worked as a scientist at the Centre for Molecular & Cellular Biology, Medical School University of Stellenbosch, the South African Medical Research Council, and as seconded project at the national Department of Science and Technology. Her involvement with industry started at MeyerZall Laboratories, George, South Africa, where she was responsible the generation of value-added intellectual property, new product design and the management of efficacy studies and clinical trials. She joined the NWU in 2004 where she is the Director of the DST/NWU Preclinical Drug Development Platform and professor of Pharmaceutics. She was a co-author of the Synthetic Biology of South Africa, the South African Bio-Design Initiative (SABDI) and the Ministerial Review of STI institutions (2017) . In 2014 she established the Safety Pharmacology Society Group for South Africa together with Boehringer-Ingelheim, Germany, with support from some members of the Safety Pharmacology Society. She authored/co-authored 67 ISI publications and book chapters and is an inventor/author of 9 patents granted or under examination. She has been successful in obtaining funding from both governmental (DST, DTI, TIA, Innovation Fund, NRF, bi- and trilateral agreements) and industrial sources towards building infrastructure, innovation and spin-off companies. Her achievements and/or awards include: BioFundi Award for Research, by the Gauteng Province and Innovation Hub (2018), the NWU Innovation Evangelist Award (2017), the NSTF/BHP Billiton Award for her contribution to SETI (2014); the Swiss Bio-technology Innovation Award, Switzerland (2011); two Vice Chancellor’s Honorary Award for 2 patents granted in multiple countries (2010) and runner up: Emory University / DST Bioplan competition(2009).