Head Non-Clinical Pharmacology Dept


Christophe is Head of the Non-Clinical Pharmacology Department at Biotrial, a CRO specialized in early development, since 1998. He obtained his PhD under Prof JF Giudicelli at the University of Paris South in 1991, where he investigated the physiological and pharmacological regulation of coronary vascular circulation during treadmill exercise in the chronically-implanted conscious dog. Christophe then worked for a number of pharmaceutical companies (Roussel Uclaf, UPSA and Synthélabo Recherche), across disease areas such as heart failure, angina pectoris, venous insufficiency and acute kidney injury. He is currently an adjunct Professor of Safety Pharmacology at the University of Rennes as well as being an active member of the Safety Pharmacology Society, American Heart Association and the British Pharmacological Society.